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MixMeister Fusion


MixMeister Fusion is a new application that is able to create and edit mixes as if you were an expert DJ. In fact, its versatility makes it one of the best programs when it comes to producing and editing music.

Is able to mix up to eight tracks simultaneously with perfect synchronization and quality at all times. It also combines loops and grooves and can even add lengthy songs.

What is MixMeister Fusion used For?

MixMeister Fusion serves, among other functions, to mix and edit music using a set of tools that can manipulate time, volume and EQ in real time to make many changes on the fly.
It also includes some effects, and can perform a live recording for any event allowing corrections and all kinds of adjustments on the fly. It analyzes automatically and individually, each song and allows VST effects in part or the whole mix. The final mix can be recorded both on a dvd or a cd, besides being able to upload it to any online radio used by the users of this program.

Integration with Windows

It integrates seamlessly with very few existing versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). It provides no information about its compatibility with Windows 8, Mac and Linux.

Constantly evolving

It has a simple and intuitive interface, allowing all kinds of music mixes with excellent and professional quality no matter the level of knowledge the user has on this matter. It indicates, at all times, how the process of creating mixtures is going, adding songs in the top left and then dragging them to the right box.

The paid version does not include audio and developed by the program which is present in the free version.


MixMeister Fusion is therefore a necessary program for any computer (desktop, laptop, ...). Its versatility and ease of use are, no doubt, its most notable features. It is, ultimately, one of the most appropriate tools to produce and edit music with perfect timing every time.

MixMeister Fusion has the following requirements

Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz or higher, 1GB of RAM and a second sound card or ASIO compatible multichannel sound card that works for live monitoring.

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  • Powerful tool to create audio mixes
  • Ideal to produce and edit music
  • Keeps perfect timing
  • Easy to use and excellent results
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